Courtney Jinjika, 2020 New England Women in Banking Winner

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Courtney Jinjika

East Territory Retail Executive

How did you get in to banking, and what keeps you motivated to stay?

My brother encouraged me to go into banking as that was his career as well. Our focus at KeyBank is Financial Wellness and that mirrors what keeps me personally motivated. My strong desire to help others comes into focus daily in my professional life. KeyBank provides me resources to best support my community and ensure that each day we make an impact on a client that can change lives.

Have you had any great mentors along the way? What is the importance of mentoring and is this something that you focus on?           

Through my years in banking I have had many great formal and informal mentors. My greatest mentor is my father who encourages me, allows me to talk through things, and is a great sounding board. My most recent mentor, Brian Fishel KeyBank Chief Human Resources Officer, encourages me to research, learn, and approach a question from multiple standpoints. Being a mentor is also very important to me. I consistently encourage KeyBank employees to utilize our internal program Keys2Mentor program where I serve as a mentor as well.

What do you consider your greatest success? 

My greatest passions are coaching and teaching others how to lead, sharing what I love about Key and our Financial Wellness culture. I have established 5 networking groups with others on the horizon. I am proud of the 70+ employees who have completed our Fast Track program-learning skills outside of their current role. My favorite part of the day is hearing client impacts and employee successes helping someone with Financial Wellness, career growth, mentoring, or successfully coaching to a skill.

How do you see technology changing banking in the next few years?

KeyBank is leading the future with our digital Financial Wellness guides and I look forward to their continued evolution over time. They are part of the employee and client experience we offer allowing us to deliver solutions faster and impact more people consistently with both the approach and delivery.

What is your favorite book?

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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