Amy Walsh, 2020 New England Women in Banking Winner

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Amy Walsh

Senior Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager
Bank of America

How did you get into this field? What keeps you motivated to stay?

I started as a summer teller between semesters at college; my first real job was as a management trainee in the consumer bank. I realized quickly that my passion is helping small business clients. It started with interest and motivation in hearing how and why folks started their businesses, and has evolved into helping owners and senior managers realize their financial goals and helping their employees.

Business Banking is the bread and butter of our country—as a Relationship Manager I have the opportunity to work directly and indirectly to support the community I live and work in. I am a strong believer that solid ESG fundamentals/attributes make the best companies. I do not believe it is sheer coincidence that strong ESG ratings translate to overall better earnings, demonstrate resiliency during crisis and exhibit lower risk. Providing the financial solutions that folks need to run their companies is important work that we do as bankers, however it is also just as important to understand the value of an environmental and social commitment to your community…especially in the uncertain market we are in today.

Have you had any great female mentors? What is the importance of mentoring and is this something that you focus on?

I have been fortunate to have both male and female mentors my entire life. I seek them out, usually think about asking them for a while before it actually happens. The first and most important role model was my mother, she raised three girls as a single mom (while working at a bank!) Qualities are I look for are: someone who is trustworthy, with some kind of expertise, significant experience and lots of patience! I also agree to mentor when asked, we have to provide the same help that we seek!

When I have someone who can provide guidance and support that is relatable, it means the difference between confidence and uncertainty. Everyone needs confidence to feel successful! Mentors have been, and always will be critical for me—and I have both male and female mentors.

Scheduling time with one another is key, I journal ideas between meetings for things to talk about and provide/ask for feedback/help so we can learn from one another.

What is your favorite book, movie, or TV show? Why?

Book: Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. I read it ten years ago and I am reading it again. It takes forever for me to get through a chapter—and each time I pick it up I gain new perspective and understanding. It is an amazing, transformational book!

Movie/TV shows: mostly documentaries. I loved the series The Crown, Reign, Outlander—probably because of their historic nature.

What do you consider your greatest success?

My greatest success is being married to my husband Justin and mother to our son Nicholas. Marriage can be wonderful, but is also hard no matter the circumstance. Our son Nicholas has autism; while it has enlightened and opened our hearts in countless ways, we have also had to learn things by trial/error and adapt just about everything we do. The world is not as welcoming as I'd like to see (for people with intellectual and physical disabilities). I feel that there is an educational opportunity and awakening needed to try and understand those who may look, think or act differently than we'd expect. What would the world be like without Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sir Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Hans Christen Andersen, Charles Darwin, Emily Dickinson?? All had autism…think of that the next time you visit Italy, use your iPhone or Microsoft product—would you have thought of it—or invented to be what it is? Probably not! What could happen if we don't allow folks who think or act differently to contribute in their unique ways? I would love to bank Bill Gates!!! The unknown used to scare me, now it excites me.

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