The Provident Bank Rebrands To BankProv

Move Taken In Support Of A Growing Nationwide Presence

Keith Griffin

July 15, 2020

New BankProv logo

The Provident Bank is rebranding to "BankProv" in support of a growing nationwide presence. The new look and feel reflects the Bank's commitment to embracing innovation and leveraging technology to deliver a better banking experience for all. However, the bank will still retain their historic name for legal purposes.

As the 10th oldest bank in the country, BankProv has been serving its local communities for nearly 200 years. The search for a new brand began in early 2019 when the bank was realizing significant market confusion when competing in niche markets on a national scale. The new BankProv brand was designed to showcase the Bank's entrepreneurial spirit and technological prowess to create the future of banking.

Additionally, BankProv offered a natural distinction from the numerous other institutions donning a similar "Provident" moniker throughout the country, without completely distancing itself from the name that gave the Bank its history. Extensive research revealed that the word "provident," defined as "making or indicating timely preparation for the future," still reigned true for the organization. Similarly, it was important to keep the word "bank" front and center, for the strength, reliability and security that it brings.

The BankProv color scheme was chosen carefully over the course of months to subtly broadcast the bank's strength and sophistication (black) and its new beginnings (white). Magenta was chosen as a "pop" of color because it represents power and energy (red) and inward reflection (violet).

"I am really excited to see our rebranding initiative come to fruition," said Dave Mansfield, CEO. "The green, oval-shaped Provident Bank logo served us well for more than 20 years and was a well-recognized symbol in our communities. Now that we have grown into a $1 billion commercial bank serving clients both across the nation and worldwide, the timing is right to showcase our growth and transformation by updating our brand.

“The rebranding process was a collaborative effort, thoughtfully and sometimes painstakingly cultivated by our employees, clients and stakeholders. BankProv is a fusion of our deep banking roots combined with future thinking, so that we may provide an exceptional banking experience for our clients," he said.

Along with the new logo and color scheme, the bank has unveiled a new website, online banking theme and mobile app. For more information, visit

The Provident Bank, which also operates under the name BankProv, is a subsidiary of Provident Bancorp, Inc. The Provident Bank has offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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