Customer Discovers $2.4 Billion Error

Amount Erroneously Sits In His Account For Almost A Week

Keith Griffin

August 26, 2020

Bank of America branch location

Here’s a nice problem to have. You wake up and your mobile app shows an extra $2.4 billion in your account balance – and it stays there.

That’s what happened to a Massachusetts resident named Blaise Aguirre. As reports, Aguirre assumed Bank of America would catch the multi-billion-dollar error, but it didn’t. Instead, the funds sat in his account for a week. (No news if he got to keep the interest.)

Aguirre finally reached out to his relationship manager at the bank and the error was fixed.

"This was a display error and nothing more than that," Bank of America spokesman Bill Halldin said. "It's been corrected."

This isn't the first customer account mishap for the bank. Recently, a temporary display issue caused online and mobile-banking clients to see inaccurate balances of $0 in their accounts.

By the way, let’s just pre-suppose Aguirre decided to withdraw the funds from his ATM. Assuming a daily maximum of $500, it would have taken him 13,150 years.

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