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Couple Walks Up To Drive-Thru For Wedding Vows

Wedded Bliss Begins At The Bank

Keith Griffin

April 21, 2020

Couple Gets Married At Bank | Image (c) WDNH TV

A Maine couple has added a new spin on the coronavirus pandemic. They used a drive-through window at Bar Harbor Bank to get married.

As WDNH reported, a Northeast Harbor, Maine couple chose to use the bank’s driveway as their aisle. and the drive-thru window as an altar. The bank teller on the other side of the window officiated the entire thing. The bride was given away by her son.

According to WCSH TV, friends, family, neighbors and even relatives from other states were able to join via Zoom, some were able to celebrate from a safe distance and others in their cars.

Teresa Gray and her husband Brad said it was a day they would never forget.

“I had a lot of tears for several weeks,” Gray said prior to the wedding. “We even had flowers that didn’t show up, and we were like, ‘Whatever. We’re just going to do it. It’s our day and we’re going to do it.’ And we’ll never forget it.”

See highlights from the wedding ceremony.

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